What is UNDRDG?

What is UNDRDG?

So you are one of the 12 followers that have accidentally landed on UNDRDG. You may have been searching for an animated crime fighting pup, this week’s favorite NFL upset to tease your money to Vegas, or you are one of the founders seeing how I am wrecking the site (Hi Brett/Trixy).

UNDRDG is a digital publication focused on sports and entertainment put together by two guys that decided there weren’t enough people writing about sports and entertainment. We aren’t the Ringer, but we kind of hope you think we are. Of course we will hit the basic sport commentary like what NBA team is most likely to make the jump this year (hint: the Timberwolves) to how Tom Brady’s newest hairstyle has taken on new levels of horrific but we will also be a mecca of of obscure sports. Think of us as the digital version of ESPN 8 – The Ocho.

Follow us down the rabbit hole into a world of competitive drone racing, Battlebots, cheese rolling, and Jelle’s marble runs. If it is something you can gamble and drink to, then we’ve got you covered. Saddle up, UNDRDG is here.

Disclaimer: This is Tebow free zone.

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